What's New at ALV

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  • Introducing the ALV-MultiCorr Series. Highest performance multi-input correlators with exceptionally small power consumption and footprint
  • New version of the ALV/CRTU Cuvette Rotation Unit now features stepper motor drive
  • ALV/LSE-5004, the latest model of the ALV-Light Scattering Electronics is now available
  • RoHS conformal products
  • ALV’s new building ...
  • JianKe Instruments appointed as distributor for ALV/CGS-8 Compact Goniometer
  • ALV/CGS-3 Compact Goniometer System Information included on the web-site
  • New design for ALV-5000/60X0 Multiple Tau Digital Correlator Series
  • Integration of ALV-Light Scattering Electronics and ALV-5000/60X0 Correlator
  • 2002 - the most successful year in ALV history !
  • Malvern Instruments acquires exclusive rights to patented technology from ALV

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  • The ALV-Fiber Optical Beam Splitter
  • Access sub 10 ns sample and  lag time with Avalanche Photo Diode Detectors !

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