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"Quality remains, when price is long forgotten"

ALV-GmbH, established in 1981 and located in Langen / Germany, offers a wide range of sophisticated products for various specific experiments in the field of light scattering and correlation experiments for scientific and industrial applications.

ALV is the leading developer and producer of equipment for photon correlation experiments, such as

  • Multiple Tau and Linear Tau Digital Real Time Correlators
  • State-of the-art goniometeric Dynamic and Static Light Scattering Systems
  • State-of-the-art multi-angle goniometeric Dynamic and Static Light Scattering Systems
  • Single Photon Detection Systems specially suited for fast correlation experiments.

Typical applications for ALV Systems are Dynamic/Static Light Scattering measurements on Polymer Systems, Colloidal Systems, Biochemistry, Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy, Dual Colour Cross Correlation experiments, Fluorescence Correlation experiments and other general correlation experiments.

... Committed to Quality ...

Since many years ALV-GmbH has been the leader in development and production of most modern and optimally functional solutions for the above mentioned applications, which span from simple routine use to most sophisticated research use. Still, all of our products have one thing in common - they are designed for optimum performance and highest quality !

There is no and there never will be a literally cheap ALV product !

ALV-Laser Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH,Siemensstraße 4, D-63225 Langen / Germany, Tel.: +49-(0)6103-900500, Fax : +49-(0)6103-78096
E-Mail : administration@alvgmbh.com, webmaster@alvgmbh.com