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We at ALV are constantly improving our existing and developing new products to fit the needs of our customers even better. However, doing so requires feedback - and no one is better suited to give this feedback than you !

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My current or future applications require the following instrumentation ...

Standard DLS

High Sensitivity DLS (e.g. less than 1 mg/ml for small protein monomers <5 nm diameter)

High Concentration DLS (e.g. more than 10 mg/ml for >200 nm particles diameter)

Combined DLS & SLS at fixed scattering angle (e.g. Mw determination for small Mw)

Angular dependent DLS & SLS (e.g. Mw determination for large Mw, formfactors, structure factors ...)

dn/dc Determination

Simultaneous Multi-Angle DLS & SLS (e.g. time-dynamic process, polymerisation, crystallisation ...)

High Troughput Screening using DLS/SLS (e.g. combinatorial chemistry, aggregation screening ... )

High Troughput Screening multi-titer-plate based ?

High Troughput Screening flow based ?

~ 100 samples / day ?

~ 1000 samples / day ?

more than 1000 samples / day ?

Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy

180° Backscattering Mode ?

0° Transmission Mode ?

Zeta-Potential Measurement

Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy

I prefer to use the following operating system




I need the control and data analysis software to comply with

21 CFR Part 11

A special validation